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Commercial Real Estate Loans

INFINITY MORTGAGE CO in Greensboro conducts business as a Commercial Mortgage Broker, and we offer Commercial Mortgage Loans with lenders that are eager to lend. We offer loans with no FICO minimum; fast closings! Allow INFINITY MORTGAGE CO to work with you- and not any particular lender- to find the loan that you need. We can arrange funding for most commercial property types, and these are some of the commercial real estate loans that we can arrange funding for:  



Apartment Buildings

Office Buildings

Day Care

Auto Repair/Auto Body Shops

Retail Buildings



Funeral Homes

Beauty Shops



Mobile Home Parks


Recreational Properties

SBA Loans

Bridge Loans

Land Loans


Commonsense Underwriting

Call Us If You:

  • Need a fast closing
  • Have been turned down for financing
  • Need no FICO score minimum
  • Need to payoff delinquent accounts
  • Need to consolidate debts
  • Have a mortgage about to balloon

Need a Fast Closing?

Call us to get your loan funded and now! What we need to get started is a loan summary of your loan request, an application (1003), a credit report (forms can be downloaded and credit report ordered at Contact Us), and exterior and interior pictures to quickly determine the possibility of your loan being funded. We won't waste your time. YOU COULD HAVE YOUR LOAN FUNDED IN THREE WEEKS OR LESS! Please contact us today, and we look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.